My Private Diary

This application, like your best friend, will be with you in your most difficult and joyful moments. You can tell your diary everything that's going on in your life. Use it to record your memories and personal secrets. "My Private Diary" will keep everything safe for you while ensuring it remains a secret for everyone else.

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Application interface

Everything personal will forever remain personal.

Write and publish whatever you want. Everything in the application is securely protected from strangers and others and will remain strictly confidential. Then, whenever you want, you can refresh your memory and relive pleasant moments again. You can reread past entries, view your photos, and listen to your audio recordings.

Write anywhere at anytime

Thanks to its convenient and intuitive interface, you can create entries quickly anywhere, even on the go. The application is always with you, unlike a paper diary.

Notes in the app
Application Theme Settings
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Celebrate your mood and change your life for the better!

Choose the mood of your day and use the mood indicator to track the dynamics. Assess your emotional state throughout any period. If the last two weeks the mood is at zero, then maybe it's time to take a day off and change the situation? Adjust your plans and life by analyzing your mood.

Coming Soon

Choose a different color for each day

Choose the decor according to your mood. The library of themes in the diary is continually being updated, so it is never boring.

Application Theme Settings

The application embraces three NO's that you will like

free icon
NO payment

Use the application absolutely free

safety icon
NO unauthorized access

Access the app in two ways:
- password entry
- fingerprint

confidentiality icon
NO data collection

All records and data are stored only in your phone. This allows you to maintain complete confidentiality of your personal information

How to keep a diary in the application?

Add a new event in three clicks

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The application "My Private Diary" is available for Android and iOS. To download the application, click on the button below.

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